Hello World

Hi! and Welcome to my blog! I must admit that I never thought creating a blog ‘was me’ but here I am!! I am a Secondary teacher in country Victoria, Australia with a passion for changing how I teach or should I say becoming a 21st Century learner.  I have spent hours searching the internet for what other people are doing in their classroom, specifically their music classroom’s and I have found lots of useful bits and pieces but felt that maybe the next step in my learning journey was to share what I am trying in my classes.  I love ICT and the changes it has brought to my classroom in such a relatively short amount of time.  4 Years ago I had to ask a IT technician for help in setting up an interactive whiteboard!! 12 months later I hyperventilated when the school I was at didn’t have an interactive whiteboard..I started to wonder how I had taught without one!  I look back now and realise that was the beginning of my 21st Century learning journey.  Now I reward myself with ‘twitter time’!! So here we go on my Journey to Learn 🙂

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