Starting the shift

I am participating in a fantastic professional development opportunity called Teaching Learning in the 21C Century via NMIT University.  Lots of like minded educators all on a similar journey.  After realising that I am already well on my way to ‘becoming a learner’ I thought I would jump in the deep in and try something different in my Year 7 Music Classroom.  Sooo at the end of last term I asked them what they wanted to learn.

Here is an image of their ideas…well there will be when I can work out how to get the pic from my evernote account!! Stay tuned!!

The next step which I am right in the middle of is collating all these ideas into some projects and creating relevant instructions and resources.  I am hoping to use a new classroom wikispace I have created as ‘ground control’ for this shift.  I guess I am doing what loads of teachers have been doing for years – Project or Inquiry Based Learning, but it is new to me! I am constantly trying to make sure that what I cover in class is relevant and engaging for my students whilst at the same time teaching them concepts that they need to learn.  But this approach I am going to try is I hope the first step to me starting to step back from being The Teacher and towards becoming The Facilitator of learning.

I am still thinking through the logistics of how I am going to run several project options at the same time.  I am considering introducing a flipped classroom approach as well…maybe some Prezi’s on the wikispace that cover concepts such as copyright, appropriation in music, tips for writing lyrics etc with a quiz (will probably use ) at the end to prove they watched it!! I love the idea of them doing this at home so that they can ask questions in class.

In many ways the idea of changing my classroom from one where I am the teacher with 24 students all doing relatively the same thing is overwhelmingly frightening but I know I need to try this, and if it is a disaster, so be it.  We will discuss what did work, what didn’t work and try again.


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