Nearing the end!

Well Term 4 is here and despite all my best planning efforts to have my Year 7 PBL projects finished, uploaded to the wikispace and presented to the class by the end of last term, we are spending this week finishing everything off!!  I think the most frustrating thing, and some of the students that I have spoken to have agreeed, is that we only have single periods.  Some of the students seem to just get set up when it is time to pack up.

The highlights: I have LOVED seeing the students being enthusiastic and self motivated (well most of them!).  Learning from their mistakes and re-thinking a solution.  The questions!! and being a facilitator and directing them towards finding answers.

The lowlights:  Realising that having 10 different group projects happening in the one class at the same time was probably slightly ambitious of me!!  Not having made sure a website I was relying on was working before starting!!  Understanding the importance of scaffolding lessons, and realising that students may have created some more successful solutions if I had covered some topics to the whole class prior to starting (such as an audacity intro task, songwriting basics, keyboard/guitar basics).

I think it has definelty been a somewhat confronting learning environment to some students, our classroom has been very busy and active!! Often spilling out into our learning corridoor and any spare spaces around our classroom! I may have put too much responsibility and freedom on the students, something that I will change next time.

I have definetly enjoyed jumping in the deep end with this type of teaching.  (I think I was actually closer to it than I realised.)  Having said that I have learnt lots!! And hopefully the kids have too!

Next post I hope to provide a link to a google drive folder that has my desktop checklists, and assessment rubric and reflection survey….maybe even an example of some of the successful projects!

Next we are going to look at Music In Advertising, and what it takes to create a jingle.  My plan is to invite some local businesses to be ‘clients’ and the students will create an advertising jingle to their brief.  I thought that instead of giving the kids the choice of choosing who they work with that this and their topic, we would all work on the same brief and individually…to see the difference.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve had an exciting, if challenging time with your year 7 PBL projects Bec. I can imagine how students would find it a little frustrating to have to finish the session just when they are busily engaged in their project. That’s one of the difficulties of our timetabled world! I look forward to seeing your Google Drive folder with your checklists, assessment rubric and reflection survey.

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